RPS Financial Services offer their clients a complete range of consumer and commercial lending solutions. Leveraging a comprehensive network of lenders, our team will structure the best solution based on your commercial needs and goals.

As a commercial investor or property developer, your immediate needs and long term goals must be explored against market options and effective debt structuring strategies. From first time commercial buyers through to astute multi-development investors, RPS Financial Services are equipped to handle the most complex and unique borrowing scenarios.

Business loans, construction loans, property development, franchises, commercial investment, high rise, multi-development, land sub division, warehouses, strata title offices, retail outlets, re-finance, debt-consolidation, working capital finance, specialised securities and low-doc loans catering to the self-employed investor are explored as part of this process.

The scope of solutions obtainable emphasises the importance of leveraging a relationship with RPS Financial Services.

The specialised products offered by our world class network include:

Commercial Loans

Catering to the needs of an individual through to the astute multi-development investor. Specialising in commercial portfolio expansion and complex debt structures.

Commercial Construction Loans

Unique loan structures that compliment the cash flow cycle of construction projects, minimising equity required and maximising project return.


Maximising immediate benefits and financial gains as a byproduct of a change in finance provider.

Lo-Doc Loans

Catering for the self-employed or business owner who is unable to prove their income in line with standard credit requirements.

Vacant Land Funding

Specialised support to meet stricter lending guidelines for the purchase of vacant land.

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